The Only Way to Watch Hataraku Maou-Sama Episode 1 Online

Hello everyone,

If you can’t tell I love Hataraku Maou-sama season 2. Hands down my favorite of all the shows out. Maou Sama is in a class of it’s own. Now the question is, should I have to pay to watch my favorite shows? In this blog we are going to answer this question.

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Should I Have to Pay to Watch Animes Online?

Before we dive into this sujbect, I would like to offer up another suggestion. Since trying to download these episodes for free online is time consuming and attracts viruses to your computer, I recommend buying a membership for online view on sites like hulu. netflicks, and hbo on demand.


But if that is not what you want to do I would search for this episode on youtube first. I was able to watch the Devil is a part-timer recently before youtube took the video down.

Soon I will be posting Hataraku Maou-sama videos on my blog. For now check out this website They have great info on our favorite anime!!